Spaces we have created

Anglesea Project


Complete renovation of home.

ASHO renovation in Anglesea

Ivanhoe Project

Luxury Unlimited

This was one of the children bedrooms, now a place for parent to relax and enjoy anytime. A window was used to view a newly created outdoor bamboo garden for a tranquil contemplation space.

Yarra Glen Project

Outdoor Space

The brief started as a shaded area to entertain. With a suggestion to use reclaimed bridge timbers, the owners found their own reclaimed wharf timbers. The seashells wedged in the timber confirmed their origins.

North Warrandyte

Major Renovation

Behind this bold exterior is the original 1960’s fibro cottage. Mostly reclaimed materials were used. Every piece has its own past story to tell, including the two and half ton corner stones.

Warrandyte Project


The owners designed this funky kitchen themselves. The top edge of the stair wall used to run all the way to the ceiling. The removal of this wall has opened the space up so the whole family can enjoy the space together.

Wonga Park

Major Renovation

A second story addition for first time clients, who were full of praise for all our efforts, the new steep roof was constructed with a traditional central ridge beam and rafters, chosen by the owners which gave them plenty of usable space upstairs


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